Beth Taylor

I’m Beth Taylor, a Presidential Diamond in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  My husband and I have 3 boys, from Elementary to College.  I have never tried home sales before this company.  I was a restaurant manager for over a dozen years before I "retired" in 2009 to have more babies.  When I began my It Works! business, my husband was a bank manager and we were both college students.  I was an avid coupon user and stayed home with our 2 littlest boys, who were toddlers at the time.  I wanted to use these crazy skinny wraps that my friend was talking about, but I didn't have the extra money to spend since we had only one income.  I was skeptical, but I went ahead and signed up June 25, 2012, as a distributor, because I just had to know!  My plan was to just try for a couple of months, make enough money to cover my personal products, and then be done with home business.

But, I fell in love…with the products, with the company and with my growing team!  I reached the Diamond level in just 8.5 weeks to earn the $10,000 GOOD bonus!  This was while attending college still, with my 1.5 year old and 3 year old with me 24/7!  When the Spring Semester came around, I decided to take a break and push even harder with my business.    It’s a good thing I listened to my gut feeling, because about 5 weeks later, my husband was told he was being laid off.  Before summer was here, my team grew to Double Diamond and Triple Diamond, with me capturing a $25,000 GOOD bonus this time!  The layoff at my husband’s job was no longer a worry for us, and we spent the summer traveling to meet teammates in other states.  In the fall the same year, the team pushed even more and I promoted to Presidential Diamond.  It’s crazy to think that my original goal was ‘maybe’ Executive level.  We dream so much bigger than that now, because we know the realities of this opportunity!

It Works! Global allows us to choose when and where we work now!   We went from traveling once every 5 years to traveling 3 or 4 times every year!  We went from tens of thousands in debt to paying off 7 student loans in only a few months.  We went from car loans on old, unreliable cars to paying cash for newer, safer cars.  We went from 1 child in public school to 3 children in private school.  We went from our small starter house to a much larger house in a safer part of town (and we still own the original house, too).  Most importantly, we went from a future of debt and “the norm” to a future of freedom and unlimited dreams!  The NEW norm!

This team is just getting started!  We encourage each other and lift each other up!  Every story is different, every WHY is different, every goal is different, but the overall desire for each of the team members is the same---a change for the better!  We love to help others, and we would love to help you!




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